Best Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker To Buy

In this post, we present you our top pick for the best waterproof speakers that have feature of Bluetooth so you can connect them with your all streaming devices. And these speakers are portable to take them on you beach party, pool party or any other sports. These portable water proof speakers provides outstanding performance for almost all the water activities and they also come with long lasting batteries which makes them perfect companion for the music lovers who are used to take the music jam with them on their outdoor water activities. When we reviewed these speakers most of them were available on discounted price and we tried to cover all the budget people so you can buy whatever meets your particular needs and the budget.

When we choose the our best picks of water proof speaker we consider these all factors.

Waterproof Rating: as we provided detail in our last post about the water proof rating details we keep them in mind, we try to get the highest rated portable waterproof speakers in our list.

Sound Performance: while selecting water proof speakers we consider its performance too. What is the benefit of buying a water proof speaker for music if they does not produce well sound.

Battery Life: we have test hundreds of speakers in order to determine which best Bluetooth speaker will last longer. All the research was taken by the trust worthy members of our team. So long lasting battery wont let you alone in the time of party or if you are stuck in a picnic party.

 AOMAIS SPORT 2 Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker

 The AMAIS SPORT 2 is one of the best water proof Bluetooth speaker you can find in the market at the moment. Now we will let you know why we have select this speaker as our first pick in the list. AMAIS SPORT 2 comes with IPX7 water proof resistant. Which mean you can drop this speaker up to 1 meters under any kind of water for 30 minutes. That’s enough water proofed body for any kind of water activity you will ever do. So if any of your buddy accidently throws this speaker in the pool in matter of excitement then you don’t need to worry about it. As there will be no harm to AMAIS SPORT 2.

AMAIS SPORT 2 comes with a 20Watts of powerful loud sound which have many other sound enhancing features to like noise reduction technology. Its body is made with special plastic material which was designed to provide deep bass and crystal clear acoustic sound. If you have purchased this speaker and you are not happy with its 20 watts speaker power then you could buy one more and   use them together to produce overall 40 watts of sound. We think that’s quite loud sound for most of parties or any other activity linked to portable speakers. The speakers has a smooth rubber cover on it that makes this Bluetooth speaker rugged. In other words, that your speaker will be safe from any kind of scratches.

Now lets move to its battery performance which comes with at least 10 hours of battery life, at 50% volume and you can recharge this speaker with a micro usb port. The speaker size is approximately 8” x 2” x 3.3” which makes this box a very portable one, and its very easier to put this speaker in your outdoor carry bag. The speaker comes with seven buttons, you can control the volume with these buttons, can skip soundtracks and even answer calls, and definitely you are going to get play and pause button too on it.

AMAIS SPORT 2 comes with a 12 years of manufacturer warranty which is a great addition to it. You will also get a aux cable, micro usb cable and a manual guide with it.

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