Best Wireless Earbuds

Now a day, time is the most limiting factor in ones’ life and also, we have become the laziest lads as everything is made available within the reach of our fingertips. However, smart technologies are always a part of our busy lives, that makes us to really catch up to everything maybe it’s the live updates happening around the world or so.

Among this, the use of smartphones has also immensely increased over the last few years. It has become an important accessory of everyday living and without which everything seems to be a zero like. They help us from tracking our personal health records to alarming our daily official meetings. Even the screen size of these phones has gained in size so that it no more fits our pocket. There comes the easy and advantageous use of wireless earbuds.

Categorization of Best Wireless Earbuds

Even though there exist three main types of wireless ones, they can be further categorized into two on the requirement of an extra transmitter or not.

The first category includes

  • The Infra-red type: Presently, this is little used now, but still they are manufactured by the top companies because of the constant demand from the small group of users who have experienced the feeling of using it. They are mostly employed for TV and it very well requires a totally unobstructed or uninterrupted line of sight between the infra-red emitting device and the earbud and this poses a limitation on the product usage in terms of both the space gap and the angle of viewing.
  • The Radio frequency type: This is more dominating than compared to the previous one. They have the strong influence on a range up to 200 feet and its signals have the powerful capability to surpass the walls and so itself finds more beneficial to the home theatre or a home stereo set up.
  • In spite of its given advantages, they suffer from the interference issue while encountering with other wirelessenabled devices existing within the same radio frequency range varying from 750 to 1050 MHz typically. The property shared by the interference effect is such that it also increases proportionally with the length or the distance between the wireless networks. Thus, it can be said that it is also not well-secured in the way the Bluetooth offers us.

The second category

  • Currently, the Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth activated wireless earbuds are the only option left and is rapidly growing in demand. Moreover, this is the one you should go for if you do not want to incorporate the weight of a transmitter to your ear pack. Further, this is generally the best trending and variety product available in your nearby modern stores.
  •  The only requirement is the Bluetooth availability and the strength signals of WiFi, to be added to the exploited source device like smartphones, PC’s, smart TV or similar ones. They all work upon within the range of 35 feet that accounts for almost 12 meters.

General features that people care for while choosing an earpiece

Earlier, a pair of wired earbuds were gifted on the purchase of a new android phone. But now this offer has been cut down as people prefer to go for the best output audio quality and compactly featured earbuds. Bluetooth connectivity, battery life, designs are some of the characteristics people look forward to buying an earbud.

They opt for trying out the firmness and reliability of earbuds, rather than just picking anyone from the list. This is simply because they can make all the differences from a boring bike ride or nothing to do situation to the pleasant and enjoyable feeling. This miracle is made possible by rightly engineering this special one to make it sound the way you want to.

Let us analyze these considerations in detail

  • Bluetooth and the aural quality: It is usually tough to get a high-quality sound while streaming online and also introduces some harsh audits in between. This was mainly due to high compressions are done to the audio or digital track. But now, the advanced technology allows easy streaming without experiencing any source of difficulties.
  • Latency is another associated issue which tends to produce a short delay between the actual sound entering and the time you actually able to listen to it. This is more disturbing while viewing a video with its out of sync nature.
  • The lifetime of the battery inserted is another major concern. This is because this ear pack comes with their own powering systems. Either rechargeable types are use else they are provided with the standard number of disposable batteries.
  • The Selfpowered earbud should work steadily for around 9 to 12 hours, stably supporting your playback for at-least a daytime. There are some expensive ones in the market that withstand nearly 38 to 42 hours.
  • The playing volume has a direct relationship with the battery charge. i.e. the louder you choose to listen, the shorter the battery charge will stay. These are all provided instructions in the manufacturer’s spec sheet which tend to show off under apt conditions. Moreover, such an inserted battery requires a minimum of two and a half hours to power up and uses a standard cable for doing so.
  • Another point to be regarded as about the pairing strategy adopted by the audio

equipment to connect with the smart device. This is generally established by the built-in network methods. For this, you can just enter the pairing code which will be displayed on the led screen of both the devices or provided along with the instructions manual and is usually the number code 0000.

Easy controllability with a remote: This is an included feature that is spotted on an ear pack that act as a remote controller and can perform the functions like selecting or shuffling the playing tracks or choosing to do with a call option. They do have a microphone fitted in to talk over the earbud. Such features are of great help while exercising or cooking making totally hands-free of carrying these devices.

The compatibility or the size of the product needs to be checked. They come in three major stylish standards including in, out and over ears.

All these are the deciding factors you should make a note while going to select your own personal ear pack. Further, you should choose the product that supports all the advanced features and especially with the quality technology networks.

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